K-3 Marriage Visa Process Complete Information

The process of obtaining a United States visa can be overwhelming and confusing because there are many different categories of visas, and each category has a slightly different method of processing through the United States immigration system.

There are three main types of US family visa classes available to fiancees and spouses of US citizens.

United States K1 Fiance Visa

The K1 visa (or fiance visa) is only available to the foreign fiancée of a US citizen. This visa is not an option for a fiancée or fiancee who is a permanent resident of the United States. The main requirements are that the spouses fulfill them within two years of the filing of the application (this condition may not apply, but in practice it is unlikely). The US citizen must show that they can support the foreign preacher and have a good faith relationship. The K1 visa process tends to be the fastest of all the US family visa categories.

American immigrant visa

An immigrant visa is the usual way to bring a foreign loved one to the United States. Unlike other visa categories mentioned in this article, the immigrant visa is available to spouses of permanent residents of the United States. The Online Visa obtained in this category is generally known as the CR1 or IR1 visa. The CR1 visa process takes the longest amount of time, but once obtained, the visa grants legal permanent residence upon entry of the foreigner to the United States or America.

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The US K3 visa

The K3 marriage visa is a type of hybrid petition because it contains elements of both the K1 visa process and the CR1 visa process. In the event that the spouses have not formalized the marriage, the K3 visa is probably not the smartest option because the K1 processing takes place more quickly and because the immigrant visa has the advantage of permanent residence on arrival. A K-3 visa applicant must first file the I130 application and then after USCIS receives this petition, they must turn around and file the I-129f application.

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Although there are many visas that can be obtained based on a relationship with a citizen of the United States. There are also secondary child visas available to children of immigrants who wish to immigrate. The K-2 visa is the child visa and is the derivative counterpart of the K-1 visa. The K4 visa is a derivative of the K3 child visa. Finally, CR2 and IR2 are those derived from children for children of immigrant visa holders. In the case of immigrant visas, a separate petition will likely be required for the children of the U.S. citizen’s wife to enter the United States.

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